Friday, 30 January 2015

Diary of a trainee marathoner

On Sunday 26th April I am running all 26.2 miles of the London Marathon to raise money for ABF The Soldiers Charity. 

I'm a super keen runner and have run many Half Marathons, but this is my first full Marathon and to add to the challenge, I have set myself a target finish time of 3.30 hours. This is going to be tough and means i'm training 5 days a week come rain or shine (mostly wind and rain at the moment!) in order to stand the best possible chance of getting to the finish in my desired time.
So, its Friday evening and it's all about food, as tomorrow morning I have a 15 miler planned.  Fajita Friday is a classic in my household and I have adapted mine to be the perfect fuel for a long distance run. Instead of the traditional white floured wraps, I favour wholemeal in order to sufficiently stock up my Glycogen stores for the morning. Instead of the classic crisp based nacho accompaniment, I have perfected a complex carb-tastic spicy sweet potato alternative. Super tasty (there's never any left!) without any of the saturated fat. Topped with whatever I fancy, it can be as clean or indulgent as takes my mood!

Following this feast I will be off to bed as I like to get up early and out on the road as soon as possible (wild, I know).

Check back tomorrow for a performance report on my run - hoping for a bright, dry morning but it's not looking good...