Saturday, 31 January 2015

15 Miles later...

Made it! In a not-too-bad time of 1:52:16 - 15 miles brought me to the end of week 6 of training and closed the January books at 158 miles (my most ever miles clocked in a single month).

My morning started bright and early with a cup of tea and my favourite pre run breakfast of wholemeal toast topped with PB2 and Banana. Yummy and a great combo of simple and complex carbs keeping me fueled from start to finish.
Breakfast of champions
Whilst that was digesting (I always eat an hour before a run) I set about getting all my gear ready to go -and with that I was off...
All the gear (some idea)
Straight into a Sleet shower (marvelous). Needless to say, I wasn't really feeling it for the first couple of miles especially as the pavements were slippery from having not been treated (have a word West Sussex Council). But by mile 4 I was on the road and into my stride, feeling pretty good. Following a hilly section I paused briefly at mile 8 to test out my new energy gels. Historically I haven't got on well with these but after some research I came across Torq promising great taste and more importantly, stomach friendly energy. So down the hatch it went, and honestly, the flavor was great! So off I went into the back section and managed a negative split, credit of which fully goes to Torq. I arrived home feeling great (tummy included), with more left in the tank, which bodes well as there's another 11.2 miles to cover on the big day!
Raspberry Ripple Torq Gels - my new best pals

So feeling pretty stoked right now with 10 weeks to go - lots more miles to cover, including 2 Half's, so stay tuned to see how I progress.

Happy Saturday x