Tuesday, 3 February 2015

I heart breakfast

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and whoever 'they' are, certainly knows their stuff. I absolutely love it! I go to bed thinking about what i'm going to eat, wake up ready to attack the first thing I come across, and the rest of the day looking forwards to my next Breakfast encounter.

Cereal is my greatest guilty pleasure but as most Commercial brands are super high in sugar (even those that try to hide behind their 'healthy' wholegrain labels) I have created a number of go-to delights that never fail to hit the spot but more importantly, fuel my training and keep me functioning through to my next pit stop.

Each of them contain a blend of Complex Carbs, Protein and Fat but more importantly taste A-mazing and without any of the refined sugar the supermarket varieties.
Pre Training
My go-to before a run - perfect blend of simple
and complex carbs

Post work-out protein porridge
Perfect following a strength training session as its packed
with Protein

 Homemade Granola
Amazing topped with fresh berries and
great for breakfast on-the-move

Simply made with Oats, egg white and Banana,
these are ready to eat in under 5 mins!

The Ultimate Breakfast
Avo and Eggs - need I say more?
The perfect weekend Brunch

Who says you cant have a clean cooked breakfast?

So there you have it, six of my favourite breakfast ideas. As I train in the mornings, I usually start off with rice cakes and banana, then have a protein shake straight after a run, then one of the above an after. I find this keeps me full through to lunchtime and energized enough for a second pre lunch workout if required.

If you would like any of the recipes then leave me a comment and i'll come back to you x