Saturday, 7 February 2015

Into the unknown - my first 17 miler

17 miles done! When you think about 17 miles in terms of distance from A to B, it's a really long way i.e. my house to Guildford so i'm really pleased that I've checked that milestone off the list. Time wise, I managed 2:07:50 meaning i'm on track for my target Marathon time of 3:30 and there's now only another 9 miles to cover, so i'm feeling really motivated right now.

Ready to run

This week had been a challenging one for me - i'd been really struggling with fatigue, making my training (and day job) really tough. Not only did the intensity of my runs take a step up, so did the distance - including today, I've clocked up a total of 45 miles! But thankfully today went absolutely brilliantly, my legs felt great, my head was in the right place and I even had some sunshine (only a glimpse mind you). It's also helped me with my fueling and hydration strategy as I could feel the first signs of muscle fatigue setting in during the last mile so for my next big run (20 miles) I will up my Gel intake to two, one at mile 8 and one at mile 16.
My Garmin Forerunner 220 is great for keeping pace
Post run refueling and hydration is as important as pre and during - I think possibly my issues with fatigue this week stemmed from not eating enough (something I will be all to happy to address this week!). The best time to start refueling is as soon as possible after a run, as glycogen storage is faster during the 'post exercise window' than at any other time, the first two hours being most rapid at approximately 150% the normal rate (Ivy et al). During the next 4 hours, the rate remains higher than normal and normal rate resumes 6 hours post run.

So here's what my post run routine looks like;

My recovery essentials

I start with my Foam Roller as muscles respond best straight after training whilst they're still warm. I focus on hamstrings and glutes and that's where my stiffness tends to occur and spend about 10 minutes working on them. Then its all about rehydrating and refueling. I sip water constantly throughout the day to replenish all the electrolytes lost from sweat, plus I've read that Oranges (this is actually a Mandarin) are a great way to rehydrate and supply an extra boost of carbs. My go-to post run recovery snack is always a shake because it allows me to combine everything I need to refuel most efficiently. This one contains
Skimmed milk - Great for glycogen replenishment and hydration
Half a banana -  (left over from my pre run breakfast) Good source of carbs
One scoop of Soy Protein Powder - (I use Soy as my stomach doesn't get along with Whey) Combining protein with Carbs has shown to be more effective for refueling glycogen than carbs alone thanks to its ability to stimulate insulin, in turn speeding up the intake of glycogen
2 spoonful's of Oats - Moderately rated on the Glycemic Index, means they enter the bloodstream nice and quickly
Handful of Blueberries, Almonds & Cashews - Adding flavour, a little healthy fat and final boost of protein

And so, with my muscles taken care of and refueling under way i'm planning to spend the rest of the afternoon resting and relaxing. I've just received my 'Deliciously Ella' book which I have been so excited about after following her blog for a while (check her out if you haven't already), so i'll no doubt be getting stuck into that along with Yoga this afternoon as there is no better way to fully relax!

If you are interested to find out more about any of my the products/ingredients I have talked about today then leave me a comment and i'll be only too happy to give more info.

Happy Saturday guys x