Saturday, 21 February 2015

Shoes, glorious shoes!

As a distance runner, I tend to go through trainers rather quickly. The general guidelines suggest you change each pair after 500 miles which for me, is every three to four months. I have been waiting as long as possible to upgrade my current pair as a) I love them and b) I want them to be as fresh as possible for the Marathon. This week however I was forced into upgrading as I had run through the outer sole entirely. Its not all bad news who doesn't love new shoes!

These have got a lot miles to cover including 2 half
marathons and a full marathon in the next 9 weeks!

These trainers are so great that you don't need to break them in slowly - I received mine this morning and will be running the Brighton Half Marathon them tomorrow. I have been running in the Brooks Adrenaline GTS range for the last couple of years and I absolutely love them. Since owning these, I have been completely injury free so now when I need a new pair I just default to this style.

I'm forefoot runner, which means I strike the ground with ball of my foot as opposed to the my heel. I also underpronate which means the outer side of my foot hits the ground at an increased angle. All of my trainers end up in the exact same state - take a look;

I'm heavier on my right side owing to an old injury hence
the increased wear this side.

Trainers can be expensive, so a little tip - each year the manufacturers update the range and usually the price. If you are a comfortable with a particular model then simply buy the older style once the new one is out as the price drops significantly. For example, the new Adrenaline GTS 15's came out at the end of last year and are around the £110 mark. You can pick up a pair of 14's for about £50.

As a runner, the most important bit of kit you own is your trainers, which is great news as its a perfect excuse to indulge that shoe habit. Buying trainers shouldn't be entered into with the one-size-fits-all approach as each pair of feet is unique. The main factors to consider when selecting right pair for you are biomechanics, weight, run surface and the shape of your feet. The first time you buy a pair it's well worth going to them fitted professionally as all of the above will be assessed so you can be confident you'll end up with the right pair for you.

Running in the right pair means you will find your runs much more enjoyable as you'll be comfortable and supported but more importantly are less to pick up an injury. Check out these guides for more info
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