Tuesday, 17 February 2015

5 minute plank challenge

Planks are great for building core stability plus when done properly, engages multiple muscle groups simultaneously including glutes, hamstrings and biceps. Benefits of Planks are endless but to name a few;
1 - Strong core
2 - Increased flexibility
3 - Improved balance and posture

The perfect all rounder!

So, here is the challenge - hold a Plank for 5 minutes without resting. My preferred routine is as follows, which works all the different sections of your abdomen.

2 minute Half plank
Hold for 2 minutes or if you cant, hold for 1 minute, move to left side plank, then return back to half plank for the other minute, then go to the right.

1 minute left side plank

1 minute right side plank

1 minute Full plank

And relax!

Got what it takes? I do this once a week, in addition to my ab focused workouts. If you cant manage this to start with, just hold each section for as long as you can then move to the next. Practice makes perfect here, so challenge yourself to hold each section for 10 seconds more each time.

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