Friday, 27 February 2015

Snack Happy

I am always on a mission to create tasty, energy filled, low sugar snacks to keep me going throughout the day, so behold, my latest offering! The great news about these beauties is that there actually isn't any baking required! These Protien packed squares are super quick to put together and make great snacks for when you're on the go.

A fantastic source of energy and protien - these squares
are great any time of the day between meals.
The recipe is also really flexible so you can switch in and out ingredients depending on your preference or what you have in the cupboards.
Start by melting a tablespoon of nut butter, with honey (add more the sweeter your tooth) and about 100ml of Almond milk. Once smooth add a couple of tablespoons of cacoa power and stir until combined. Next add in your dry ingredients, I went with Oats, chopped cashews, sultanas and a little dark chocolate. I also added a scoop of soy protien to boost the protien content but this is entirely optional. I don't really measure as I go, I just keep going until the consistency looks right!
Once you're happy with the contents, put the mixture into a lined tin and transfer into the freezer for an hour or so until set. Then chop into squares and you're ready to go! 
I have been munching on these in the afternoon with some fruit and they have kept me going through to dinner. They make a perfect post workout snack as well as the blend of Carbs and Protien are just what you need to replenish your Glycogen Stores but remember to make sure you rehydrate as well as eat following exercise to maximize recovery.
Happy snacking x