Saturday, 14 February 2015

New Miles & New Arrivals

Today I managed my first 20 miles! I was feeling quite nervous before going out this morning as in my mind, this was when training got serious. I didn't feel as good over the first 17 as I did last week, my legs just weren't as fresh but I pushed on all the same and made it home in a respectable 2:33:21.

Mile 16 onwards took some grit to keep going, especially the last 2 miles as my route was a there and back situation, which isn't great for mentality. That aside, everything went fairly smoothly however I have started to get the dreaded chafe. This has started where my sports bra finishes at the very top of my abdomen - so will need to start addressing that!

So that 20 miles brings me to the end of another weeks training and I've clocked up another 45 miles, bringing me to 90 miles for February so far. I was told to anticipate the feeling that i'm not doing enough but that is absolutely not the case so far! This coming week is slightly lighter on the miles as i'm running the Brighton Half Marathon on Sunday 22nd - i'm hoping to break my PB by going under 1:39. I'm really excited as I love the atmosphere of a race, plus its an excuse to push a little harder and improve fitness.

Not to cast my 20 mile achievement aside but the big news this week is the arrival of Zeus, our Siberian Husky puppy who is absolutely gorgeous, see for yourself!

Huskies are a high energy, intelligent breed, renowned for being top jogging partners so I cant wait to start training him up to be a distance runner like me...this is however a little way off. For now, we're just enjoying having the little bundle of joy bouncing round the house. He has two moods - sleepy and crazy, which he switches between on an hourly basis.

Can't wait to share more of his shenanigans with you but right now we're working on the basics - toilet training. He's reluctant to poo in the garden (sorry for lowering the tone) which means we have to walk around for hours (literally) until he goes. This did however provide the perfect warm down for me today so no complaints on my side.

This evening I have a three course meal to look forwards too, courtesy of my wonderful boyfriend who has pulled out all the stops - check out the menu! Cannot wait to eat my body weight this evening, feels well deserved.

Happy Valentines x