Friday, 6 February 2015

2 hours sleep in 20 mins

How I hear you ask? well apparently all it takes is 20 mins in this position;

Lying on your back, scoot your bottom as close to the wall
as possible so that your legs are parallel to the wall.

This Yoga pose claims to ease muscle fatigue and prevent exhaustion by calming the nervous system and helping to restore healthy restful breathing. Despite being skeptical it could live up to such a bold claim, it sounded like the perfect solution as this week I have been really struggling with mental and physical fatigue.

So after some shuffling about, I was in position and set my stop watch for 20 mins. The below is coming to you live as i'm blogging in this position (needed something to keep my mind occupied!)

10 mins in - I'm starting to get pins and needles in my feet

11.5 mins - Starting to feel it in my hammies - not in a bad way, similar to when you extend a stretch

16 mins - Feet are totally numb and I can't move my toes

20 mins - Numb to my knees - do not try to stand up straight away as I did, you will end up in a heap back on the floor!

5 mins later - Hot and cold sensations up and down my legs as the blood flow returns to normal, plus pins and needles. No change in mental state.

10 mins later - Blood flow is back to normal and legs feel stretched and relaxed

20 mins later - Mental exhaustion feels slightly alleviated - don't get me wrong, I wouldn't compare it to actual sleep but I certainly feel more alert and relaxed than I did.

My verdict - a great way to extend your stretching beyond the typical 20 - 30 seconds - my legs certainly feel better than they did earlier on.  In terms of mental benefits I definitely feel refreshed and relaxed but I wouldn't liken it to two hours of sleep. I would absolutely give this another go but perhaps focus more on my breathing to try and get more from it.