Saturday, 4 April 2015

3 weeks and counting

I cant believe its Marathon month already - 3 weeks today I will be in London, collecting my race kit and getting prepped for the big day!

Training over the last 2 weeks has been tough for me. My neck continued to be a problem after Reading for about 10 days, plus I got a sickness bug last week meaning I was in bed for two days without eating anything. I went to an Osteopath last Friday who fixed my neck through a combination of joint manipulation and massage which made me feel a million times better but I was still feeling rough from the bug and having not eaten. However, me being me, got out of bed on the Saturday morning all set to run 21 miles (my final big 'Big' run) however as you can imagine, failed miserably.

The first 2 miles were ok but I started to fade quickly after that, feeling dehydrated and fatigued. I ploughed on to mile 5 and consumed pretty much all the water I had with me which was a worrying sign but I was determined to continue. From mile 6 I was in trouble, having to stop every half or mile or so as I just didn't have any energy (showing the importance of fueling and hydration!). I made it to mile 9 and had enough, calling in the cavalry to come and collect me as I was a long way from home. I know better than to run when I'm not feeling 100%, especially when i'm not fuelled effectively but unfortunately my stubbornness got the better of me on this occasion.

This really knocked my confidence and for the first time since starting training I began to think I couldn't do this, so much so, I was started to struggle to sleep and just felt anxious all the time. So I spent all day Sunday eating every single carb I could lay my hands on to try and get back in the game, which seemed to do the trick. I managed all my planned runs in the week (which wasn't easy and I had by means got my pace back) and decided to take on the 21 miler again today, just to prove to myself I had it in me!

Luckily today went well and I completed the route in 2:42:12 putting me back on track for a 3:30 finish on the day. Today was definitely tough, especially the hills and I could really feel it in my legs but knowing I finished has given me the boost I needed.

So from here on, my distances will start to drop. I've still got some demanding interval sessions planned and will cover more miles than ordinarily I would but i'm hoping this will help me get to the pace I was at a couple of weeks back.

Plans for the big day are becoming more and more of a frequent topic. The day itself requires a fair amount of planning from a logistics point of view - i'm going to leave Coach to co-ordinate the spectators as he's a pro in that department but I need to confirm day before plans including the all important 'last supper', my route to the start line and morning routine.

Lots to think about over the next couple of weeks but the end is in sight - at this stage, i'm still feeling as confident as I was but really hope that by the end of next week i'm back to my best!

I'm sure a healthy intake of Easter eggs tomorrow will be me the world of good - chocolate is for sure the greatest medicine :)