Saturday, 11 April 2015

530 miles...

This is how many miles I've clocked up training for the London Marathon so far - having just done a quick Google this is roughly the distance from London to Aberdeen which is CRAZY!

With two weeks to go i'm starting to taper my training so my legs are in good shape for the big day. This morning I did a solid 15 miles which felt good despite the wind and rain (I am not going to miss this!) and came home dead on 1:55.

Puppy is so heavy now - its a workout just lifting
him up!

The next couple of weeks will continue to consist of interval training and steady runs but the distance will drop hopefully leaving me feel fresher than I do currently. I've been feeling super tired for the last month or so (going to bed at 8:30pm has happened) which I think is a side effect of all the training.

I have started to work on my training plans post marathon which i'm really excited about, especially to get back in the gym and start building some muscle again! Plus i'm going to completely overhaul my diet plan which has changed drastically from where it was pre training. I will of course be sharing this once its finished and keep you updated with my progress from Cardio Queen to Gym Bunny. Running will absolutely still be a part of my plan as I love it but I will be more focused on shorter distances in preparation for the 2 10k's I have over the summer.

In other news this week, I got discharged from the Osteo I had been seeing for my back and neck which means I'm fixed again! it definitely feels good to be running without the distraction of a painful neck and crunchy back. Turns out, my back problems stem from my old hip injury, meaning the way I carrying myself as a result is causing the symptoms. I hope to get that worked out post marathon but now isn't the time for that!

Short and sweet update this week - happy Saturday x