Monday, 2 March 2015

8 weeks to go...

I woke up this morning and realised I can now officially say i'm running the London Marathon next month! It's a weird feeling that 8 weeks today I will be waking up (hopefully!!) having completed the thing I have put my heart and sole into for what will be the last 4 months...

I was up at 6 today for a 70 minute run and I arrived home, spotting this on the drive -

My inspiration comes in many shapes and forms.

This little flower evoked a number a thoughts  (sometimes my runs make me a little emotional!)

Firstly it seemed to capture the journey that I and all the London Marathoners have embarked on, constantly pushing the boundaries in order to reach our full potential and in particular those that are running for a Charity. The flower, like us, kept going even through tough times (I mean, who wants to grow though stones!) to reach its potential by constantly moving forwards (told you I get emotional). The donations received by all Charities make such a difference to almost everyone of us out there and I have so much respect for everyone going out of their way to do something for the better of others.

Secondly (less emotional, I promise), it signified that Spring is nearly here which means training in the dark and sub zero temperatures are coming to and end. Not that I haven't enjoyed the breathtaking sunrises that only a freezing, clear morning can provide, I wont miss waking up in the dark.

Fitness wise, I've never felt better. My 22.5 mile run on Saturday showed how much consistency pays off and the improvement you can make in just a couple of weeks. I'm excited to see what can be achieved in the next 8 weeks. My plan is very much to keep going with my regime and not introducing anything that could compromise my training or race day.

I'm sure i'm not alone in thinking like this so I wanted to use my post this morning to wish everyone training for London good luck, especially my ABF The Soldiers Charity team mates! All this hard work is so close to paying off so keep training, keep pushing and keep the faith - we're nearly there :)