Saturday, 7 March 2015

You know you're a distance runner when...

...13 miles is a short 'long' run.

I felt like i'd cheated when I got back this morning having only done a half marathon, yet 4 months ago, I felt like this was my threshold and I couldn't possibly do more!

Can't beat the feeling of taking your trainers off post run
(don't mind my sweat marks!)

I've really grown to love my longer runs and I actually perform better over longer distance. More often than not I run a negative split (meaning my second half is faster than the first) and I just feel more comfortable going into the second half of a long run. Today for example, I felt like I found my stride at around mile 9. The first few miles I always question why i'm doing this and have really push to get started but the I longer go on, the less I have to push myself - my body just seems to take over.

Today was a beautiful for a run - its really starting to feel like Spring which I am loving. I was lucky enough to have blue skies and sunshine the entire way around which makes a welcome changed from wind, rain and sleet. It was the mildest temperature I have run in for a long time and I really noticed this in terms of the amount of sweat I was producing. I sweat a lot anyway when training, but the warmer it gets the worse this is. I noticed that I felt much thirstier during my run and afterwards - I've been home a couple of hours and have put away a couple of litres of water but still feeling dehydrated. I also increased the amount of milk in post run Protien shake to 400ml since Milk has been proven to increase your ability to refuel and rehydrate.

Making the most of the sunshine (in clean dry clothes!) -
I added a little Cacao to my usual shake today

Being dehydrated by just 2% of your body weight can impact performance by up to 7% so staying hydrated during exercise is key to being at your best. As the Marathon is in April, temperatures will be much warmer than now and what I am used to training in so I will have to ensure I utilize drinks stations as much as possible on the day.

Marathon training is as much about learning about your bodies requirements for race day as it is building fitness. Awareness of things like hydration and energy levels are key to making your day as successful as possible, and avoiding the infamous 'wall' (which by the way, I haven't hit yet so my fueling strategy would appear to be on point!)

With the big day now only 7 weeks away, I have a big week of miles ahead this week with a 20 miler next weekend. The following week is lighter as i'm running the Reading half marathon which then takes me to me last high mileage week before I start dropping the distance (or Tapering to use the correct terminology).

Hope everyone else's training is going to plan - cant wait to see some of you on the start line!