Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Making sweat social

Since starting my blog, I have been getting lots of positive feedback from those of you reading which I am totally overjoyed by!  Honestly when I started this, I was nervous about sharing what I was up to, but the feedback  from you, particularly those of you saying it’s been a source of motivation for your own fitness journey is something that I had never anticipated and makes this all the more worthwhile. So with that in mind, I am absolutely thrilled to be now working with the team at BurnThis as a Fitness Ambassador.

 BurnThis is a Social Fitness app that enables the world’s most inspiring community of fitness and wellness lovers to share their fitness inspiration and motivate each other to stay fit, healthy and happy. It’s a great way to connect with the rest of the FitFam across the Globe and a constant source of motivation and tips for your own journey. The content is super inspiring and a great place to pick up fitness tips, meal ideas and most importantly motivation. Although we all have our own reasons for pursuing Fitness, the BurnThis community is united in their goals so every single one of us has something in common.

 I highly recommend the app to anyone with a passion for health and fitness – I’m totally addicted already! What’s more, its free to download and there are lots of Challenges and opportunities to win freebies so there’s absolutely nothing to lose by getting involved. It’s the perfect place to share your workout updates, sweaty selfies, new gear updates and everything else you feel proud of.

 I am truly amazed at how much my journey motivates others so don’t underestimate your own ability to do the same.

 Hope to see some of you there J